Micro Self Injection Smart Watch Device

What is EPIWatch?

EPIWatch is a patented, next-generation auto-injector watch with connectivity to mobile phone healthcare apps for 24/7 patient monitoring and user information.

EPIWatch is a novel drug delivery system, for the self-administration of both liquid and viscous drugs.

EPIWatch is especially designed to administer drugs such as epinephrine to treat anaphylaxis (allergic reactions) to protect kids, teenagers and young adults while out in public places.

EPIWatch is designed to be adjustable and is made to fit any age range, weight and length.

Currently the market only knows auto-injector pens, these pens do not have the ability to continuously be worn 24/7 on the body, like EPIWatch can.

EPIWatch can also be used for other patients and markets which require acute or daily dosed medications such as hormones, painkillers, vaccines, anti-venoms and other liquid & viscous drugs.

What is Novel about EPIWatch?

EPIWatch is an auto-injector that provides patients with the most comfortable and safest solutions to keep their emergency medications always at hand to administer and inject a drug intramuscular, subcutaneous or intradermal from 0,2 ml up to 2,5 ml into the body in a wearable state.

The emergency medication will always be at hand, and when used, emergency services can automatically be informed and directed to the patients through the use of connectivity technology.

EPIWatch Training platform

The EPIWatch Instruction App offers the patient a training platform where the user can learn about EPIWatch, as well as how and when to administer the drugs in 2 very easy user steps. A voice guide in EPIWatch which plays when the device is activated in an emergency situation takes away a great deal of fear, as the patient is well-guided. In addition, a trainer device will be available for patients and healthcare specialists to familiarize themselves with EPIWatch and its use.

Place the wrist with the EPIWatch injection-side on the upper thigh for IM injection or elsewhere on the body for injection in a wearable state.