Auto Injector Smart Watch
Drug Delivery

EPIWatch incorporates nano sensor healthcare technology in the case bottom that is in direct contact with the patient skin that can measure patient health rate conditions and values inside the body. For example the heart rate, blood pressure, blood cell activity, oxygen in the blood, etc. By using the smallest nano practicals of gas that is released from the skin. It is incredibly accurate and it is measured to be translated in real time (AI) data in the APP. This data is extremely personalized to fit the patient's personal healthcare profile.

EPIWatch can preventively allow smart self injection of liquid medications to prevent a potential or even severe life threatening attack.

EPIWatch simultaneously collects AI data while worn at wrist and transfer this patient centric AI data trough connectivity to the App, of course voluntary. Patients can now contribute to research of the conditions and contribute to the future treatment of millions of fellow patients worldwide.